Velvet Art Colour-in Instructions

Full Pack Picture


First colour your VELVET ART® colour-in picture with the VELVET ART® brush pens supplied. Follow the colour guide or create your own colour combinations. A wider range of colours can be achieved by using one colour over another, for example

  • use dark green and red to make black
  • pink and light grey to make lilac
  • red and brown to make maroon
  • yellow over brown to make umber
  • other combinations are possible, using peach or grey over orange or brown

After all the colouring is completed, prepare for glittering. Please note:

  • The glitter might be awkward to gather up if you drop some on the carpet - preferably use it in a place where you can sweep up afterwards.
  • Crease the instruction leaflet along the middle both ways.
  • Practise on a separate sheet of scrap paper before using the glue on your picture.
For best results apply glitter onto the main feature of the foreground of your picture.

The colour glitter should match the colour of an area, use

  • red glitter- for red areas
  • orange glitter- for orange or brown areas
  • silver glitter- for grey or white areas
  • turquoise glitter- for light blue or dark green areas
  • salmon glitter- for peach or brown areas
  • transparent (pearl) glitter- for white areas or onto any other colour
  • TIP: For a wider nuance the glitter can also be mixed
Always remember:
  • Apply one variety glitter at the time. Let the glue go touch dry before applying next colour.
  • If you are using pearl glitter on your picture, use this first, before any other colours, to keep it clean.
  • Leave your picture laying flat until the glue has dried completely (over night) before standing or hanging it up.

Here We Go

 Choose only wide enough spaces for glittering, where the glue can be applied comfortably without touching the black velvet.

Narrow spaces don't need glittering.

Staying ¼" within, follow the outline of an area and then fill in the middle.

Apply plenty of glue for the glitter to sink into. Don't use a brush.



To open a sachet of glitter, slide the zip bag between thumb and index finger - pulling it open by the sides (like a packet of crisps) could cause the bag to split and the glitter to spill.

Pour some glitter onto your picture, either straight onto the glue or in a little pile just to one side - that way it's easier to bounce and control the spread (right).


Whilst holding it flat in one hand, tap the picture from underneath, causing the unstuck glitter to bounce across and cover the glue (above & right)

Shake any loose glitter onto the pre-creased instruction leaflet (below).

After finishing the first colour, funnel any spare glitter back into it's bag. Leave picture flat until glue is dry.

‌Glittering of a larger area

On larger areas it's best to apply the glue in sections. First follow an outline. Stay within and away from the velvet edges (above).


Then fill in the middle. Drag and spread the glue using the nozzle (above left). Make a "bed" of glue for the glitter to sink into (above right).

Now pour some glitter onto the glue (left).

As before, bounce the glitter across by tapping the picture from underneath.

Shake any loose glitter off onto the paper and repeat the process.

Fill a further section with glue, joining onto the previous one (right).

Always return your picture to a flat position right away after shaking off any spare to avoid a glue run.

Re-use the glitter from the paper (above).

Pile the glitter onto one side and bounce it across the glue by tapping the picture from underneath.

Tap and bounce until all the glue is covered (right).

Shake any loose glitter off onto the paper (below).

Mixing of glitter

For more variety, pour a little glitter of two or three colours onto the paper (above right). Mix it together and apply where suitable (above). Mixing pearl glitter with a little bit of colour creates a pastel shade.

All done, a fine result Have fun creating your own!

Download the Instructions in PDF